What is this?

Badge Supply is an attempt to make a sustainable, useful, and above all free, Open Badge issuing platform. It is not Enterprise Digital Credential Management Software, or a Digital Credential Network.

It's a website that lets you issue badges in as frictionless a way as possible. For free.

For free?

It's actually not that expensive to host JSON files, and I have a job already. I've built this in a way that is cheap to run and assure for the long haul. If you find yourself issuing many hundreds or thousands of badges using it, or just wish to support the project, I welcome donations.

Are you IMS Global Certified?

Nope. That costs money.

Can you support my language?

I would love to if you can help me translate. My virtue of its simplicity, there really isn't much text that needs to be localised. Drop me an email david AT badges.supply and I can talk you through what is needed.